India 2012 : The Apocalypse is Now

Have you wondered about all this Apocalypse and Doomsday predictions that have been coming up every now and then? Well, every-time I watch the News or anything, I must say I am really annoyed. Not that I believe in it but that media BS is still kinda fake.

Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. You see that tuk-tuk rider over there? Well, that’s YOU. Not really you as in you, hehe (I know, you don’t have to ride a tuk-tuk now! 😀 ) Anyway, you also see that sudden streaks of red, blue and white? That’s this ‘Apocalypse‘ crap. Within moments of it passing, you can once again enjoy the beauty at your back. And that’s how it is.

As for this picture, this is the beautiful India Gate at New Delhi standing strong and tall on this ‘D-booms-day’ 🙂