The Journey Begins !!

… laces tied … bags packed … and I am ready for the ultimate hop … and as  Neil Armstrong would say “One small step for a Man, a giant leap for Mankind”.

Namaste 🙂 and a very warm welcome to Hopping Across Cultures. I know that my brothers and sisters in Europe and the Americas would be smiling, as my warm’ness  is doing rather too less a thing to prevent the cold waves from hitting, but you get me. 😉 And at the same time, I thank you from the core of my heart for accompanying me in this journey, and I hope you enjoy every moment of it.

This being the first post, let me begin by saying what ‘Namaste’ really is! You will be shocked that most of my fellow-men use the word everyday, but don’t really know its deeper meaning 😀 It goes something like this : “The divinity within me salutes the divinity within you”. In other words, it means  bringing the palms and fingers of your hands together, and bowing to the God in the other. The syllables ‘Na’ and ‘Ma’ means “Not Me” and ‘Te’ means “Thee or God”. So, ‘Na’ and ‘Ma’ refers to the ego that steps back in reverence to the God. So “Namaste” also reminds us that we should all treat each other with love and respect because that same God is in all.

Here, watch this :

Now, that you have watched the funny video by Pastor Smith, I welcome you once again. Namaste!

Being from India, and the World knowing India as a peaceful country with lots of colours and traditions, my first image is of a beautiful temple from Hyderabad. I will talk about it in a later post. Till then, I wish you the very best. Happy Journey!! 🙂

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