‘Hopping Across Cultures’ goes live on Facebook!

When I first made this blog, I had only one mission. To share all my travel stories first-hand, along with pictures and spread the beauty and magic of different cultures by removing the boundaries and stigmas between people, cultures, colour and creed and show how beautiful and amazing the world really is. I tried my best in maintaining all the details, which would make the reader feel as if he/she is experiencing the beauty of those amazing cultures. I don’t know how much I may have succeeded until now.

But, keeping in mind the ‘travel’ theme of this website and to showcase the dynamic diaspora, I started to research more about links and articles, which would help any reader to travel with a more degree of knowledge. But, what I was skeptical about was if the links would really work out, had I posted them here. And, so I decided to make a Facebook page for you all.

Click above to connect to the Facebook page!

Click on the above picture and login with your credentials and ‘Like’ the page to keep yourself updated. Alternatively, you can click here to connect to the Facebook page. I know you all love Hopping Across Cultures very much and would definitely love to get updated with every tidbit pieces of information and also some more pictures and behind-the-scene photos that I’ll post there. Thank you so much once again for the love and affection you have shown. Ebullient cheers to everyone!

See you there!   🙂

6 thoughts on “‘Hopping Across Cultures’ goes live on Facebook!

  1. Your mission is succeeded, while reading your stories, I am nearly able to “smell” the air from the places, where you have been!! 🙂 Keep going on!! 😀

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