God’s Eye

The World is changing fast and so is the nature. And, looking at the rapid depletion of our natural resources, I wonder if the Mayan’s theory of the Doomsday on the 21st December, 2012 will really hold true. Maybe the nature will show its fury and gulp us all in one go (hehe, like in a fantasy novel, huh 😉 ) Oh but, hey hold on! Why am I even saying all these? Greenpeace has been warning us about the El Nino, climatic changes, melting ice-caps, deforestation etc for years, isn’t it?

Anyway, I digress. Back to what I was saying, today’s post is not about all of those (I hope you’re still reading 😉 or heyyy! You dozed off already??!!  C’mon!!) Some days back on the 3rd of July, 2012 I experienced a very unusual phenomenon. It was a full moon night, and here in India there was a small festival called Guru Purnima (Ehh! What did you think? That I was gonna talk about vampires and devils 😀 ) I was just about to go to bed when I thought of going to the verandah and inhaling some fresh air. And, as I looked up, I was stunned! I quickly ran inside, got hold of my camera and took this picture.

Guru Purnima’ is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Gu’ which means darkness or ignorance, and ‘Ru’ which means remover of the darkness. So one who removes the darkness of our ignorance is a Guru. And on this day, disciples pay respect or homage to their Gurus. Although frankly speaking, I do not see this festival celebrated with much pomp and gaiety in most of the parts, and also the institutions and offices remain open, so it’s more like a normal day.

Back to the picture. I used a basic kit lens so it didn’t give much of an opportunity to bring the whole moon’s ‘smiling face’ into the picture 😀 so I had to lay on the floor. By the way, I am pretty sure you now know why I named this post ‘God’s Eye’. If you look carefully (by ‘carefully’ I mean go at least 2 feet away from you computer screen 😉 ) you’ll be able to see a BIG EYE (one that’ll poke its nose onto you 😀 ) with the full-moon as its pupil and the rainbow-coloured iris on the outer end. And so, I laid on the floor and took another picture. Ahh! This one came out better 🙂

And as I lay down there to click one or two more pictures, a hostile ant found my ear hole and probably thought it was its resting cave for the night 😉  so I had to dispose off that idea (Thanked God it wasn’t a baby elephant 😀 ) I sat there for some more minutes, and enjoyed the ‘God’s eye’ view and finally it was time for me to retire for the day. A wonderful day, indeed!